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ELEVA Leaders – – February 2020

ELEVA Leaders – – February 2020

IT'S TIME TO SWITCH TO SMALL & MID CAPS !   The article summarizes Diane Bruno presentation upon her last visit in Geneva on January 30th 2020.    Publication (FR) -, February 15th 2020Reporting (EN) - January 31st...

Prosper Stars & Stripes – Citywire Selector – January 2020

Prosper Stars & Stripes – Citywire Selector – January 2020

Citywire Selector - January 6th, 2020 L/S boutique founder names three stocks to back in 2020   The past year proved tough for fund managers focused on the US small-cap market, according to Christopher Hillary, who believes several out-of-favour names could come...

Prosper Stars & Stripes – Market Review Q4 2019

Prosper Stars & Stripes – Market Review Q4 2019

Prosper Stars & Stripes : Review Q4 2019 by Christopher Hillary, Roubaix Capital's CEO and Fund Manager. During the fourth quarter of 2019, Prosper Stars&Stripes gained 1.1% compared to a return of 2.6% for the HFRX Equity Hedge Index (the "HFRX") and 9.9% for...

Prosper Global Macro – 2020 Outlook

Prosper Global Macro – 2020 Outlook

PLURIMI 2020 OUTLOOK   Patrick Armstrong published his macro review of 2019 and outlook for 2020. Below is a summary of the PLURIMI - 2020 Perspective (January 3rd, 2020)   2019 REVIEW - Fed U-turn drives equities , bonds, oil, gold to significant gains....

Prosper Stars & Stripes – Market Review Q3 2019

Prosper Stars & Stripes – Market Review Q3 2019

Prosper Stars & Stripes : Review Q3 2019 by Christopher Hillary, Roubaix Capital's CEO and Fund Manager. During the third quarter of 2019, Prosper Stars&Stripes fell 6.7% compared to a gain of 1.8% for the HFRX Equity Hedge Index and a loss of 2.4% for the...

Prosper Stars & Stripes – – October 2019

Prosper Stars & Stripes – – October 2019 - October 9th, 2019 STARS&STRIPES : INVESTING IN COMPANIES RATHER THAN STOCKS In October, Christopher Hillary, Prosper Stars & Stripes fund manager, presented his strategy and US investment ideas whilst in Geneva and Lausanne. captured...

ELEVA Leaders – – September 2019

ELEVA Leaders – – September 2019

IF YOU WONDER, FOLLOW THE LEADERS !   The article summarizes Diane Bruno presentation upon her last visit in Geneva on September 17th 2019.   Publication (FR) -, September 27th 2019Reporting (EN) - August 30th 2019 PROSPER NEWS Get...

Prosper Stars & Stripes – Market Review Q2 2019

Prosper Stars & Stripes – Market Review Q2 2019

Prosper Stars & Stripes : Review Q2 2019 by Christopher Hillary, Roubaix Capital's CEO and Fund Manager, rated AA (June) by Citywire.During the second quarter of 2019, Prosper Stars&Stripes gained 3.4% after fees against a flat return for the HFRX Equity Hedge...


European Selection

Long-only European equities fund managed by a specialised boutique. (soft-closed)

Stars & Stripes

American small and mid-caps exposure with low volatility through a unique long/short approach.

Absolute Return

Absolute return approach by a multi-awarded european equity manager. (soft-closed)

Global Macro

Multi asset global macro fund which aims to beat inflation.


Alternative Options

Multi-awarded market-neutral fund, uncorrelated from traditional investments.


Euroland Selection

Long-only fund investing in eurozone equities by a large specialised boutique.


Leaders Small & Mid Cap Europe

Long-only fund investing in european small and mid cap companies.



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ELEVA Leaders- Presentation in Geneva, 17 September 2019

ELEVA Leaders- Presentation in Geneva, 17 September 2019

SAVE THE DATE - September 17, 2019 Prosper invites you to meet Diane Bruno, co-manager (with Marie Guigou) of ELEVA Leaders Small & Mid Cap Europe fund, upon a lunch presentation in Geneva on September 17, 2019.    Performance 2019 YTD*: +22.2% (vs indice:...

ELEVA Capital – Webinar 19&20 June 2019

ELEVA Capital – Webinar 19&20 June 2019

INVITATION - June 19&20, 2019 Eric Bendahan, ELEVA Capital CEO and founder, will present a review of 2019 performance thus far for the funds he manages, an update on the portfolios and his thoughts on the current market environment.       Past...

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